Selasa, 11 Juni 2013

(SOLD) Citizen Promaster Cyber Aqualand NX Dive Watch

Watch Features

  • Fully Automatic Calendar
  • Alarm
  • Destination Timer
  • 1/100th Second Chronograph (up to 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds 99)
  • Countdown Timer from 99 Minutes to 1 Minute in 1 Minute increments
  • World Time (up to 30 cities across 48 time zones)
  • Electro-Luminescence Backlighting
  • All Stainless Steel case
  • 200 Meter Water-Resistant
Nitrox-Specific Features:
  • O2 % Setting (22-50%) by 1% increment
  • Maximum PO2 Warning (1.6 Fixed)
  • Oxygen Toxication Time OTT Calculation and Warning
  • Alarms sound for all Nitrox warnings
Dive Computer Features:
  • Full Decompression Data using DCIEM Model
  • Dive Log memory for up to 100 dives
  • Depth display and memory - current and max - up to 266 feet
  • Alarms for Ascent Rate, Depth Alarm, Maximum Depth and Nitrox warnings
  • Water temperature display and memory - current and minimum
  • Dive start, finish and elapsed-time memory (up to 199 minutes)
  • Depth & Water Temperature Log
  • Water temperature display (-10C to 40c)
  • Calculation of No Fly Time and Residual Body Nitrogen
  • Surface interval measurement
  • Automatic altitude adjust ment
  • Battery life indicator

Prefer Cash On Delivery agar bs langsung cek barang dan Dibayar ditempat. Untuk pengiriman menggunakan fasilitas JNE Yes (satu hr sampai bila kota tujuan terdaftar di JNE).



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