Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

(SOLD) Brand New 22mm Stainless Steel SHARK MESH bracelet

22mm wire Mesh Bracelet with solid Buckle

Width : From head 22mm straight to 22mm

Thickness : Mesh -4.3mm

Total length : 160-165mm after clasp

Buckle : Stainless steel double flip lock diver clasp for additional protection .

Can adjust few mm in the buckle ( see pic )

All 304 Stainless steel hard solid wire , 304 solid buckle

All highly polishing in bracelet and satin brush in buckle

1.Free SDF 1.78mm Spring Bar (2 pcs)

2.Can fit all 22mm width watch lug .

3.Omega style end

 1st Item :


2nd Item :

Price : IDR.SOLD

Call/SMS : 021 9799 7570 / 0817 0817 964

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